Original Creations

Illustrations for Leapyear, Inc.

A draft example of the introduction of the Neos Dance Theatre’s

A 1940’s Nutcracker film.

All rights reserved by Andy Gardner and Leapyear, Inc.

Drawing Film illustrations for Andy Gardner and Jennifer Enskat, Leapyear, Inc., http://www.leapyearmedia.com/ and Neos Dance Theatre’s A 1940’s Nutcracker. I did some of the illustrations as a volunteer that were used in the creation of the film that accompanied the ballet in the backdrop. There were three films created for three cities in Ohio – Mansfield, Lorain and Findlay.

Andy created the film using some of my 2d drawings as well as his own drawings converting theses drawings into 3d images in computer software.

Another example of Leapyear, Inc., digital interactive projected theatre sets for Neos Dance Theatre at this link:

 -  https://youtu.be/jcA49sHCbvk

marie house bottom left.jpg
Cooper tires main sign.jpg

Example of the drawings used in the film.

Dearly Departed Judges  small version

Dearly Departed Judges of Lorain County Cover art. Collage of the Judges interests and places in Lorain County that are mentioned in the book. ©2021

Murders Mysteries and History of Lorain County Ohio DonHiltoncrover crop
Trumpets in the East cover

Book cover

Whimsical Wings

Digital painting Kasha Kora Hilton model

Book cover

Book cover

Out of this World

Digital painting Sweetie (the cat) and Kasha Kora Hilton models

Surreal Dream-scape

Digital painting

Evan Hilton

Painting values example

Evan Break-out

Transgressive art, study in DADA digital painting

Kasha Break out

Transgressive art, study in DADA digital painting

White  Firebird

Costume, photo and digital painting Dancer - Courtney Bakula

Firebird costume collage

Making the firebird costume.


Costume, photo and digital painting Dancer - Courtney Bakula

Alternative photo of Firebird

Costume, photo and digital painting Dancer - Courtney Bakula

Dance photo

Photo and background painting Kasha Kora Hilton dancer

Boots and Ballet 2015

Boots and Ballet photo collage for Neos Dance Theatre, 2015

made in ashland
Lose Your Marbles logo

Lose Your Marbles logo design 2016 for Neos Dance Theatre

Nutcracker mouse heads collage kjh

Design and created Mouse Heads for Nutcracker


Design and painted carriage for ballet

Kids-in-Motion Logo

logo design 2008

Kindercamp logo

Logo 2015

Eastwood and Prospect School

Logo for School 2001

One ringy dingy

Dada art and digital painting

Digital painting and graphics. Brooke Wesner dancer Original photo Bryce Millikin