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Items on a limited 
availability, seasonal or circulate. If you see a design you want I can make it available in Amazon, also you can purchase other merchandise directly from me,
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I am Kat Sikora Hilton, aka Kathy Hilton (Kathleen J. Hilton) a retired traveling art teacher in the Oberlin City Schools. This doesn’t mean that I carried a carpet bag like Mary Poppins but sometimes I wish I had her bag of tricks. It means that I traveled to three separate buildings, teaching visual art at different grade levels. The internet really does let your fingers do the walking, so this profile was created in an effort to highlight what I do as an artist, what I like to do, and how to contact me. 

Throughout the years I have worked as a graphic and web-designer for dance company's and schools designing show posters, flyers, logos, branding and marketing materials, and helped with the social media presence on the internet such as Facebook and other digital media (webmaster). I have also created costumes and props for ballet productions.

I have created and designed school brochures for Oberlin City schools and other items for print for the school district. I have created works of art for both commercial and private individuals.

At the moment I am working with Oberlin Farmers Market, The Carlyle Gift and Flower Shop, and Neos Dance Theatre, doing art related graphic design, marketing and social media. I want to design and create items for business, marketing and social media. With my training in art, art education and graphic design I can create images using visual media such a photographs, drawings, and computer-generated images to market products and ideas.  

If you are interested in graphic design work email me for an appointment. Only by appointment.

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Contact Me :

Send me a note and we can work together,

kjhilton at

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